Thomas Schipke

Hello, I'm Tom.

I'm a software engineer and web developer with a passion for creating beautiful and responsive websites. With over 5 years of experience in various programming languages and frameworks, I can help bring your ideas to life.


Solar System

Three.js project that displays the solar system. It features a dynamic camera, planet stats, and a speed slider, along with real time planet rotation and revolution controls. The planet location is based on real NASA data, and the planet rotation and logarithmic orbit are based on real physics.

Blog Platform

A dynamic blogging platform developed using React (Typescript), HTML and Tailwind. It supports user authentication, post creation, image upload and display with a responsive design.

Weather App

A weather forecasting app built with Next.js. It uses the OpenWeatherMap API to fetch and display weather data based on user's location.

Task Manager App

A task management application created with React. It allows users to create, update, and organize tasks effectively.

Restaurant Reservation System

A restaurant reservation system developed using Next.js, python for the backend and React. It features real-time availability updates and email notifications.


Australia's leading retail electronics brand and one of the most widely used e-commerce sites in Australia, and the world. Using liquid (old-school shopify) but fully customised into a React environment with CSS-in-JS, styled components and using various technology stacks at an enterprise level, this was an incredible experience to be a part of.